From the Patch

Radish Patch is a sound design and music production studio, serving the film and gaming industry.  Here you will find a broad library of sound concepts and examples.  All sounds are saved in an ultra flexible state, ready to be forged into anything imaginable.

Introductory Deals

Radish Patch is a venture into sound for moving image, by an experienced player in electronic sound. To help build partnerships at this stage, RP is offering quotes based on a $25/hr. rate, for a limited time.

In addition, the first five sounds will be provided absolutely free, ensuring your confidence that you made the right choice.

Sonic know-how

We take sound quality seriously.  High resolution from the bottom up, sharp ears and state of the art gear. You get the most clarity and punch possible, at just the right level.


Dramatic, physical, and punchy sounds. Use them to emphasize big moments.

Magic Tech

Incantations and futuristic effects.


Organic, cavernous spaces, earthy textures, and special instrument effects.


Sound-themes for interfaces.


Background and atmospheric sound design.

Sound Logo

Thoughtfully styled for identification.


Musical themes, ensembles, and sketches.


The top flavors of the month from all soundtypes.