Radish Patch uses a two tiered system of licensing.  We make our on site content available to smaller profile projects with the Standard License, while offering an unlimited, exclusive option with the Mass Market License.  For custom projects, we have a standard, full release contract on hand, or feel free to use your own.

Standard License:

This is the license you’ll need for basic uses of our pre-made content, up to 5,000 copies.

The fine print:

The Radish Patch Standard License grants permission for most commercial uses. Includes Synchronization (“Sync License”) and Mechanical Rights for use on products for sale or give away up to 5,000 copies, use on web site, corporate video/presentation, educational, shareware/freeware game, single location music-on-hold, trade show/presentation, podcast, student film and film festivals, internet video sites including YouTube (without YouTube Partner ‘Revenue Sharing’). You may sell up to 5,000 physical products or downloadable products that contain the music. You may broadcast the audio on local and regional radio/TV (up to 200 miles/320 km radius).  The license lasts in Perpetuity and the territory is the World.

Mass Market License:

This license allows you to reproduce our premade work in mass quantities.  After purchasing this license, we remove the work from our online shop – no one else may purchase it.

The fine print:

This is a license for Mass Market use. It includes Synchronization (“Sync License”) and Mechanical Rights for use on products for sale or give away, all rights included in the Standard License, plus national and world wide radio/TV broadcast, multiple location music-on-hold, multiple web sites (although not in a “website template”), reproduction of an unlimited number of items for sale or give-away, Theatrical Release and internet video sites including YouTube commercial rights license with YouTube Partner ‘Revenue Sharing’. The license lasts In Perpetuity and the territory is the World.

Representation and Warranties:

Radish Patch represents and warrant that we are the lawful licensor or agent of licensor of the music and have the full right and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant you all of the rights and licenses herein granted.


We take our customers and users privacy seriously. At no time will your personal details or e-mail address be passed onto any other company. As a new customer, you will be added to our own internal mailing list for our monthly music newsletter. This newsletter can easily be unsubscribed from, by following simple instructions included with each newsletter.
We only hold details of our customers’ name and e-mail address. At Radish Patch we never get to see any financial data such as credit card numbers. These are gathered and processed by our e-commerce partner PayPal. For information regarding their privacy policies, please refer to their websites.

Limitation on liability:

Radish Patch’s liability shall in NO event exceed the actual price paid for the license.